Tips on buying USED IOS Device

  • First NEVER BUY SEMI FACTORY UNLOCK (semiFU) and GPP iphone WHY? Dont Ask me why just avoid buying this iphone
  • Never buy ONLINE
  • Always Check for Physical Damage
  • Check the Touchscreen
  • Check the Battery Health this is very Important if you got over 90% on used device is good enough
  • Check if the previous user icloud account still signed in if yes ask to sign out

If seller told you that he forgot the password of the icloud and advice you to not Upgrade the device dont buy most propably the device is stolen or if he did actually forgot the password this device will give you headache in the future ….

  • Ios device only uses 1 sim card so if the device have 2 simcard slot that ios device is a clone iphone
  • Check also if the device is running on IOS not Android
  • Also take note of the Device Serial/IMEI and check online

Here are some Link that you can use to check the Serial/IMEI

Lastly if your buying Iphone as primary phone try looking for Iphone 6s or higher model and go for higher memory device although Apple still Update lower ios device model, Only Iphone 6s and higher are supported in newer ios update Like IOS 13…






If you would like to add to this list just comment below it will surely help those people that are planning to buy used iphone



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