Make Money Online

Is this TRUE??? Well here are some Tips for you…

First is Browse the web to earn Money if you own a Desktop or a laptop install this Browser

Click the picture to download the browser

This browser already come with AD Blocker it is also very Fast browser this browser also use Google Chrome Extention so if you are a Chrome user for sure you will like this one..

So How you actually earn from browsing or using this browser everytime you use the browser there will be pop up on the right side of the browser like this

all you need to do is click the AD it will open another tab check the content if you want you, dont need to click any link or stay in that site for a few second JUST CLICK AND CLOSE thats it..

As you can see from the picture i already got .33 USD its not enough and it will not probably get you rich but your using the browser for free and Brave is paying you what can you ask for…

Also you can manage how many Ads will pop up believe me the ads is not annoying.. As you can see from Brave setting the Maximum is 5 ads per hour ONLY!

But heres’s another Tip for you for sure you have Social Media account like Facebook or Twitter after installing the Browser you need to go to this link and create an account you need a working Email for this one..After you sign up open your dashboard and click Add Channel

then all you need to do is put your Facebook or Twitter or your own Website after you put your Social Media account you will get a referral link

  • the Referral link should look like this and all you need to do is share this link so that others can Use the Browser and start earning also like Us…
You can actually check also how many user download the browser

You can try if you want if you dont like just Uninstall..Goodluck.. Let me know if this Help you feel free to comment below..

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