Stuck at Home Nothing to Do?

With this Virus still spreading around there’s nothing to do but to stay at home to be safe and to avoid from spreading this virus so are tired of browsing your favorite social media and what to have a break from doing your own video in Tiktok šŸ™‚ so here are some tips for you:

Are you using your laptop or desktop everyday to browse the net or to your social network? If Yes then try Using Brave browser as your daily browsing application

So why Brave Browser? Brave browser is a free and open-source web browser developed by Brave Software, Inc. based on the Chromium web browser. It blocks ads and website trackers and also by using this browser everyday they will pay you just by using it everyday and by just clicking the ads which is 5 ads max per day its a safe browser and you are safe while browsing and while doing what you love to do you are earning so how to start Safe Browsing and Earning at the same timeĀ 

  • You need to Register an account to this linkĀ Uphold
  • Next is to Download Brave Browser and Install it to your laptop or desktop
Click this Image to Download Brave Browser







  • After Downloading the Browser you can now set up Brave rewards by using the account from Uphold that you Register
  • Another way of earning is By Referral spread the word to your family and friends by also telling them the Benefits of using Brave Browser and by sending the the unique download referral link
  • Sign up inĀ Brave Creator if you own a website/Blog Youtube channel Twitter etc and from there you will get your own referral link

That its just leave comment if you have a question…


Again with this Pandemic theres no way to go out and to our favorite Shopping mall so What to do is Shop Online like most of us Doing it right now so if you like shopping online through Lazada and Shopee why dont you try using this Application Called ShopBack so how to earn buy using this ApplicationĀ 

  • 1st you need to create an account by going to this linkĀ
  • After creating account just install shopbackĀ  through either










  • And of course you need Lazada and Shopee Application in your device if youre using Mobile phones
  • After Installing Shopback App everytime you will shop online just open the Shopback and click the link of your favorite online shopping site and let the magic begin
  • Happy Shopping Stay at home and be Safe

Just a word of precaution try to stay away from seller that have name like (gh shop xx shop aabc shop or any name that is like meaning less or non sense im not saying that they are all Bogus seller but i have my own share with this Bogus seller and try to pick that the most Rated and Good Comment


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