Roborovski dwarf hamster


Planning to buy a new pet for your son or daughter or for yourself one to be consider is Roborovski dwarf hamster

this hamster are very cute hindi po sila mabaho or madaling bumaho and low maintenance

History and info regarding this Hamster Wiki Roborovski

The cost of this Hamster will be round PHP1500 or less before the cost of this hamster is around PHP2500 but now you can find online much cheaper

Caring or Housing:

This Hamster are very small and very fast regarding kung saan ikukulong i suggest buying Aquarium glass or yung mga fiber glass depende sa budget nyo

 Aquarium without water or fish OK!!

Then sa Ilalim po ng Aquarium Lagyan nyo po ng DE or ( Diatomaceous Earth) manipis lang po spread nyo sa ilalim ng Aquarium then sa ibabaw ng DE lagyan nyo na po ng KUSOT (wood shaving) the best po is to buy CHIPSI

why buy expensive chipsi over sa kusot na php20 per plastic? Mas malinis pong tingnan sa Bin/Aquaruim mas tumatagal po compare sa Ordinary kusot at mas mabango

After that you need to Buy mga Accesories like Hamster Wheel Water Bootle( very important) and its up to you kung pano mo lalagyan ng design yung Bin or Aquarium mo

With this set up yung maintenance po will be around every 2 weeks or maybe more


Next i will teach how to buy what food to give and how to Breed

Robo Caring


Where to buy Chipsi and Hamster Accessories

Click the Image

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