Ethereum Investment

Another Investment experiment using Coins. ph i bought 2000 pesos worth of Ethereum and i got P 1938.75 from 2000 pesos initial investment i already lost around 60 pesos so i will update this again in a few days…. see yah..

Screenshot of my Coins Account Starting from March 14,2021

As of May 12,2021 here’s my latest update in my coins wallet




Honestly I don’t have any idea at all i know its a new investment scheme

Do people really earn from this Investment?

That’s the reason why I blog about this Investment scheme to know if members really do earn from this new Investment

So let’s start…..

In this blog i will not tell everyone that you will earn thousands and millions from this investment scheme..

Is this a SCAM or LEGIT we will see and its up to you to decide if this new investment scheme is worth a try

  • So in this investment i Spend 2400 ( about 50$ ) PHP Philippines Peso
  • We have a support group/team FB Messenger group that will teach and guide you how to set up everything and they are very helpful
  • You will need Coins account and Trust Wallet application both are available in playstore or appstore
  • Process of set up will take a while but its easy
  • After everything is set up thats it you dont need to sell anything like some investment that you need to sell some products

Do we need to recruit to earn? The answer is up to you if you can convince your whole family to invest then it’s up to you…
Why i join this investment without trying to understand first Forsage

    • Because i trust my Sister ūüôā
    • Its an investment for Lazy people like me you don’t need to recruit no selling of product
    • 2400 Peso is just a small amount of money just in case its a scam
    • Its Ethereum base so if you are familiar with bitcoins or other cryptocurrency rate will go up or down depending on the flow in the market
    • Lastly because of this Pandemic you need to stay at home there’s nothing to do so why not..

Reminders when installing Trust wallet Application,the app will give security word phrase make sure you copy and save this phrase in a safe place not in youre phone you can write in a piece of paper or via notepad then save through online storage like google drive why? because if you accidentaly delete the app the only way to retrieve the account is through the security word phrase

Again I will talk about Recruiting do we really need to? As I mention i dont have any plans to recruit someone why? because I’m new to this investment and it will be hard for me to explain the whole process of this investment..

So I’ve been a member of this FORSAGE for about 1 Month already my Trust wallet have 300 pesos and i saw how the crypto currency play in the market sometimes i gain and sometimes i loss i think the lowest i saw was around from Php300 to Php200 and gain from 2php up to 50php
This is my screenshot of my Trust wallet when i start ( June 26,2020)

And this my wallet now ( July 26,2020)

If you notice in my latest Trust wallet screenshot i have 1 recruit this how your group or team will help you, most of them are very active in recruiting and they will give members of the group who don’t have any recruit or downline which is great.. walang greedy sama sama lahat kikita…

What i notice after i got 1 downline or recruit i earned around 1000 pesos immediately and i just notice im also earning around 100 pesos a day this last 2 days
So do we really need to recruit to earn fast? Based in my experience this investment need you to be active like recruiting others to join or to become your downline..

So is this a Scam or Legit? As of the moment I can say NO because I’m still earning even when i don’t have a downline before

ill be updating this post regarding my earnings so stay tuned… Ill be back

Stuck at Home Nothing to Do?

With this Virus still spreading around there’s nothing to do but to stay at home to be safe and to avoid from spreading this virus so are tired of browsing your favorite social media and what to have a break from doing your own video in Tiktok ūüôā so here are some tips for you:

Are you using your laptop or desktop everyday to browse the net or to your social network? If Yes then try Using Brave browser as your daily browsing application

So why Brave Browser? Brave browser is a free and open-source web browser developed by Brave Software, Inc. based on the Chromium web browser. It blocks ads and website trackers and also by using this browser everyday they will pay you just by using it everyday and by just clicking the ads which is 5 ads max per day its a safe browser and you are safe while browsing and while doing what you love to do you are earning so how to start Safe Browsing and Earning at the same time 

  • You need to Register an account to this link¬†Uphold
  • Next is to Download Brave Browser and Install it to your laptop or desktop

Click this Image to Download Brave Browser







  • After Downloading the Browser you can now set up Brave rewards by using the account from Uphold that you Register
  • Another way of earning is By Referral spread the word to your family and friends by also telling them the Benefits of using Brave Browser and by sending the the unique download referral link
  • Sign up in¬†Brave Creator if you own a website/Blog Youtube channel Twitter etc and from there you will get your own referral link

That its just leave comment if you have a question…


Again with this Pandemic theres no way to go out and to our favorite Shopping mall so What to do is Shop Online like most of us Doing it right now so if you like shopping online through Lazada and Shopee why dont you try using this Application Called ShopBack so how to earn buy using this Application 

  • 1st you need to create an account by going to this link¬†
  • After creating account just install shopback¬† through either










  • And of course you need Lazada and Shopee Application in your device if youre using Mobile phones
  • After Installing Shopback App everytime you will shop online just open the Shopback and click the link of your favorite online shopping site and let the magic begin
  • Happy Shopping Stay at home and be Safe

Just a word of precaution try to stay away from seller that have name like (gh shop xx shop aabc shop or any name that is like meaning less or non sense im not saying that they are all Bogus seller but i have my own share with this Bogus seller and try to pick that the most Rated and Good Comment


Premium IOS Service

Premium Service for your IOS and Android Device 

Why you need premium instead of Free online checker? 

:Premium is more accurate and you get more information for your device

How much will it cost me to Avail this Service?

: Im offering less than what online checker offers

How can i pay this Online service?

:We accept through Gcash,Bank Deposit,Paymaya,Paypal and Coins 

Is my Payment Refundable if i dont get the service i want?

:YES!! 100% Refundable 

How do i Avail this Service?

:Just leave a Comment at the end of this post with your IMEI, Email, Mobile No. and what service you want 

or you can email me @

Viber/Watsapp : +63967 2352729


I Don’t Unlock Blacklisted or Reported Stolen Device¬†

Free Iphone Unlock

Free AT&T unlock

Network Unlocking your IOS Device though Docomo AT&T and Most Canada Carrier is now made easy and sometimes without any charge as long as your device is eligible for network unlocking then your are very lucky…

Network unlocking through AT&T is very easy all you need is IMEI and email and a little bit of praying and if your lucky they will unlock your device instant

Click this Image to Start your Unlocking Request through AT&T Site

DOCOMO Japan Network Unlock

Docomo network unlock device is also very easy but the process is more complicated and also the site is in Japanese language to unlock or to request for network unlock all you need is IMEI, LAPTOP OR DESKTOP, WEB TRANSLATOR ( GOOGLE TRANSLATE), EMAIL AND AGAIN A LITTLE BIT OF PRAYER…

Click this Image to divert to Docomo site for Network Unlock Request Unlock Request

Or you can Leave your IMEI and Device details ( Fon History (bought online,found somewere else etc) Just Comment your IMEI and i will do the Hard work for you

Sample IMEI Info
Device Network:

Model No:
Your Email Address:

Free online checker

Love my Work?



– What to do after iPhone unlock is done?

A: Make sure your sim card doesn’t have a PIN code set to it.
A: First insert a simcard in Iphone, if u get signal and network you are done.
A: If you are asked for activation connect iphone to your computer and using the latest Itunes version activate Iphone.
A: Also for activation you can use your wireless internet conection directly from iphone.
A: If there is any problem with activation or with getting signal, backup your important data from your iphone install latest Itunes version and restore to latest ios.
A: If you are using an Iphone 3G or 3GS and you have Ipad baseband you need to downgrade your baseband (Google) and update to latest ios.

Or second method:
1 . Connect your iphone to iTunes (latest version) with another simcard (not same carrier that iphone is locked too)
2 . Wait until Itunes detects your iphone
3 . Now disconnect your iphone and reconnect it back after 10 seconds.
4 . Now your iphone is fully Unlocked.